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1959 Epiphone Zephyr, super rare Epihone 1x12 combo amp with bikini bottom logo, all ...More »
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Jim Singleton continues to have his finger on the pulse of exactly what I love in a guitar.
I don't know where he finds these gems, but he does and then sells them at a good price too!
"It rules!"

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55S Dispatcher Microphone  -  Cat No:   -  Click To Order  -  ID: 4304

ID: 4304
55S Dispatcher Microphone
1958 Shure model 55S, known as the “Elvis” microphone. This dispatcher style microphone was a favorite of The King and is memorialized on the 1993 commemorative Elvis postage stamp. This model includes the original model S36 stand/base, cable and the original Shure microphone cover which denotes “The Mark of Quality in Microphones and Acoustic Devices”. Impedances: “L” 30-50 Ω “M” 150-250 Ω “H” High ...More »

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